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Student Success

ODU is committed to the academic excellence of all students and provides a variety of resources to support student success. Below are important resources for our undergraduate students. Several offices provide online/virtual appointments (Tutoring Central, ePortfolio Studio, Language Learning Center, Math and Science Resource Center, Math & Stat Lab, Physics Learning Center, Writing Center, and Tutor Matching Service). Additional resources are available for Graduate Students or Faculty & Staff.

Tutoring Resources

Academic Student Success 2022

Tutoring Central  

Search course-specific tutoring across all tutoring centers

Chemistry Success Center  

Designed to help students succeed in their chemisty courses

ePortfolio Studio  

For ePortfolio appointments, tutorials, videos and templates

Language Learning Center  

World language resources for students, faculty, campus, and community. Tutoring is available.

Science Tutoring Centers  

Tutoring in math, psychology, computer science, and biology

Math & Stat Lab  

Help sessions availble for MATH 211, 212, 312, STAT 130 and 330

Physics Learning Center  

Support for Physics courses

Writing Center 

Tutors for students working on writing projects for any course


Expert tutors supporting 65+ courses in Blackboard

Tutor Matching Service  

Connects students with private, fee-based tutoring options

  Request Tutoring Support

For courses that are not supported by any of our campus tutoring centers, students may request tutoring by completing the form below.

Academic Support

University Support Services

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2202 Webb University Center | 757-683-4388 | cds@jarvisconsulting.net

Services and resources in person and virtually to help students design their careers.

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1021 Student Success Center | 757-683-3442 | oea@jarvisconsulting.net

Support and advocates for students with disabilities to successfully access and participate in their classes. Virtual appointments are available.

ODU Student Branded Web Images


2008 Webb University Center | 757-683-3442 | oducares@jarvisconsulting.net

Support to students who experience administrative, academic, or personal roadblocks. Virtual appointments are available.

ODU Student Branded Web Images


1500 Webb University Center | 757-683-4805 | maneconnect@jarvisconsulting.net

Students attend regular one-on-one meetings and workshops in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Student Support & Mentoring

Support Services at our Regional Higher Education Centers

On-site Testing/Proctoring, Degree Application Assistance, Admitted Student, Transfer Student & Non-degree Assistance, Advising, Course Registration, and Financial Accounts Assistance.

Reserve Testing Space, Admissions, Registration, Advising, Exam Proctoring, Computer Labs, Dedicated Study Space, Meeting Rooms, Tech Support and Faculty Office and Workstations.

Academic Support Services, Writing Center, Testing Services - on-site Proctoring, Career Development Services, Learning Commons, Computer Lab, Degree Application Assistance, Admitted Student, Transfer student & Non-degree Assistance, Advising, Course Registration and Financial Accounts assistance.

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Picture yourself in the classroom, speak with professors in your major, and meet current students.

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From sports games to concerts and lectures, join the ODU community at a variety of campus events.